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Guidance note on Memorandum of Understanding between ICSI and The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) [formerly known as The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, (ICSA)]

CGI and ICSI have supplemented their existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that recognises the common interest both Institutes have in promoting best practice in ‘Company Secretaryship’. Both Institutes wish to encourage greater contact between their two organisations and to make reciprocity of membership more accessible.  

This supplement to the 1998 MOU recognizes the new qualifying programmes that each Institute has recently implemented as well as streamlining administrative requirements. 

Members of the ICSI can now study with the CGI division of their choice, subject to residency requirements in some countries.  Members of the CGI can study with the ICSI at a range of centers in India.  

You can access more information on the arrangements under this MOU in the tabs on the left.

Guidance note for ICSI members

First see the brief details of CGI division’s Qualifying Programme  and then select the any one division of CGI.


It is clarified that the members of the Institute (Associates / Fellows) in good standing for a minimum period of two years are eligible to derive the benefit of the MOU signed between the two Institutes. 

Registration Procedures (Online Endorsement of Member Verification Under ICSI-CGI MoU)

To register as a student of CGI, the ICSI has enabled the system of online Endorsement of Member Verification under the MoU. Members can access the same through their online account at the ICSI website. The user manual for the same is available at 

Once the endorsement process is complete, the ICSI will directly send details of ICSI members to respective division (country) of CGI after that Student Support Section of CGI will contact the ICSI member for further process of registering as a CGI student by email. 

Please note that the ICSI is discharging its duties and responsibilities as an Endorsing Officer and forwarding the details to CGI.  Thereafter the members would receive the communication directly from respective division of CGI with regard to their registration, fee, study material, examination centre and other matters. The members are welcome to seek any further information / clarification, from respective division of CGI, pertaining to their examination/fee/syllabus etc. The contact details of CGI is available at left side of tab.

Guidance note for CGI members who wish to pursue the ICSI Course under the ICSI-CGI MoU 

Thank you for the interest you have shown in becoming a member of ICSI. The following represents some general guidance in connection with the ICSI-CGI MoU requirements:

You must have been a member of CGI in good standing for a minimum of two years and it should be certified by the CGI endorsing officer 

Two papers of Professional Programme for which the CGI members have to appear for acquiring ICSI Membership:

Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due diligence (Module 2; Paper code 434)

Corporate Restructuring Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding Up (Module 2; Paper code 435)

Fee Structure

  1. Student’s Registration Fee – Rs. 15,000
  2. Student’s Examination Fee – Rs. 750 per paper  
  3. Membership Fee – as applicable to Indian Citizen   

The examinations are conducted twice in a year in the month of June and December at various examination centers in India and one overseas center at Dubai. Other condition applicable to Indian Citizens will be applicable for the CGI members.