Cancellation Of Certificate Of Practice

 (1) A certificate of practice issued under sub-section (1) of section 6  shall be liable for cancellation, if –

(a)     the name of the holder of the certificate is removed from the Register under sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 20; or

(b)     the Council is satisfied, after giving an opportunity of being heard to the person concerned, that such certificate was issued on the basis of incorrect, misleading or false information provided by the applicant, or by mistake or inadvertence on the part of the Institute ; or

(c)     a member who ceased to practice; or

(d)     a member who has surrendered his Certificate of Practice; or

(e)     a member who has not paid annual fee for renewal of certificate of practice till 30th day of June of the relevant year; or

(f)     a member who has not complied with the guidelines of the Council; or

(g)     a member who ceases to be an Indian National;


(2) The cancellation of a certificate shall be effective, –

(a)     in a case falling under clause (a) of sub-regulation (1), on the date on which and during the period for which the name of the holder of the certificate was removed from the Register of members;

(b)     (b) in a case falling under clause (e) of sub-regulation (1), from the 1st day of July of the relevant year without any notice; and

(c)     (c) in any other case, from such date and for such period, as may be decided by the Council;


(3) When a certificate is cancelled, the date from which and the period for which the certificate shall stand cancelled shall be communicated in writing by registered post or speed post or courier or by any electronic mode to the member concerned at his professional address and email id available in the Register and may also be published in the Journal or hosted on the website of the Institute.


(4) Where a certificate of practice is cancelled under regulation 11 except clause (d) of Regulation 11, the holder of such certificate shall return the certificate to the Secretary within fifteen days from the date of receipt of notice of such cancellation and shall not use or display or continue to use or display the same certificate or membership number in any manner.


(5) The request of member who surrenders his certificate of practice will be considered only on receipt of the original certificate.


Note: The certificate of practice would be cancelled only on or after the date of receipt of the request for cancellation from the member in writing duly signed (hard copy) in prescribed format (available on the Institute’s website) along with the original certificate of practice. The request to the Institute alongwith the original certificate be sent to The Directorate of Membership, ICSI House, C-37, Sector-62, Institutional Area, Noida-201309.

In case, the original certificate of practice is lost, the member has to submit an affidavit in original to that effect in the specified format on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20/- duly attested by Notary Public / Oath Commissioner /1st class Magistrate.


*COP cancellation Request is done through online mode(only) in Stimulate portal. For more information, please refer FAQ - 30  & 31 provided at the link -