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CS Prakash K.Pandya



षड् दोषाः पुरुषेणेह हातव्या भूतिमिच्छता ।
निद्रा तद्रा भयं क्रोधः आलस्यं दीर्घसूत्रता ॥
अर्थ- छः अवगुण व्यक्ति के पतन का कारण बनते हैं: नींद, तन्द्रा, डर, गुस्सा, आलस्य और काम को टालने की आदत.

Dear Professional Colleagues,

We all are experiencing heat wave with sign of relief for normal monsoon predictions. Professionally these months would have been hectic with financial closures and related Audit Committee, Board Meetings and filings with regulators. It also follows your annual performance review.

While we are busy, opportunities are also coming our way in abundance. Friends, our practising members have new dimension as in the recent past various recognitions are received by the profession from the Government. In view of that it is our duty to perform well and not only meet the expectations which the Governments has reposed in us by giving recognition for the profession but try and exceed them to prove our worth to the society.

ICSI is playing its role by providing “Info Capsules” by email, holding webinar and online interative sessions of topical interests (“Quest Assist – ICSI” being held at  regular intervals to understand nuances of Companies Act 2013 and followed by voluntary online test) and release of publications. Those of our practising members registered as Insolvency Professionals would agree that ICSI Insolvency Professional Agency is very active and supportive as it has held various useful seminars, webinars and came out with publications in a very short time.

It’s a proud moment that we are now more than 50,000 members of ICSI. Our members have established their presence in all walks viz. Corporate, Regulators, Municipalities, NCLT, Insolvency and the list goes on. It is worth mentioning that the scope and opportunities are abundant, both in employment and in practice. At the same time our members need to scale up their skills. ICSI has given professional qualification based on hard work and knowledge, but to be employable our members need more focused, dedicated and cutting edge skills.

It is a fact that a visit to our institute website will add value. The website of ICSI as well as the portal of WIRC is totally revamped and the details which you are looking for is a click away.

It is with great sense of happiness I am conveying to all that we at WIRC have decided not to have inaugural and valedictory sessions in members’ and students’ programs, with exception where President of ICSI or dignataries of repute is present and in case of State level and national level programs. Incidentally, Government of India too announced removal of culture of VIPs by eliminating red bacon on vehicles.

WIRC-ICSI Activities during April 2017:

For Members:

WIRC organized a workshop on GST at Ahmedabad and programs on LODR and Secretarial Audit at Surat and Vadodara, which were well received.

WIRC is also in the process of equipping our members with topic of contemporary relevance viz. GST, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and NCLT by organizing workshops, besides half-day, full day seminars, and study circles/ knowledge centers across region.

For Students:

WIRO has successfully completed the Crash Course for the Professional program and the Crash Course for the Executive level is in the verge of completion.

I take this opportunity to thank all the faculty members for devoting time not only for imparting knowledge but also for mentoring the students to face the examination with confidence.

Placement Drive of ICSI undoubtedly is a cardinal segment of ICSI and the Secretariat at New Delhi has revamped and bringing a centralized approach to the Campus Placements. This is of great help to all the four regions. I thank and compliment CS Shyam Agrawal, President, CS Makarand Lele, Vice President ,CS Dinesh C. Arora, Secretary and Dr.S K Jena, Director-Training and Placements for taking keen efforts in this initiative. It is a matter of sheer delight to inform you that the vibrant Chairman of placement committee at WIRC CS Chetan Patel and his team is in the forefront to make the Placement Drive a grand success there by placing the young members of the institute as per their choice and dreams. Similarly, Placement Drives are planned in selected major cities of the region in the days to come.

Committee Meetings:

In April 2017 the following committee meetings were held at Mumbai and its members have charted plan with clear milestones with sharing of responsibilities:

Professional Development Committee (Mumbai region), headed by Shri Hitesh Kothari. It looks after programs and study circles / knowledge centers for members within Mumbai region.

PCS Committee, headed by Shri Ashish Karodia. It looks after programs and matters related to PCS.

Training and Educational Facilities Committee, headed by Shri Amit Kumar Jain. It looks after students related matters including examinations and trainings (MSOP etc.).

Research and Publications Committee, headed by Shri Ashish Karodia. It looks after publications of booklets and books on relevant topics. The Committee has set milestones with shared responsibilities. It has also created response groups to various statutory authorities and Government like RBI, SEBI and MCA.


As communicated in my earlier messages the growth of the region is not exclusively on the performance of the regional council but also on the development of all chapters of the region. While I compliment all the chapters for the excellent work in the last months, I also appeal to work with the same tempo to ensure that all that was discussed and decided in the Chapter Chairmen meeting held in February 2017 is implemented at the right time. I am happy to inform you that Ahmedabad Chapter took lead under able leadership of CS Chetan Patel by making representation for labour law recognition before Gujarat Government. We are working for similar recognition in Goa, M.P. and Maharashtra.

Hear from the Committee Chairmen

The Regional Council members are heading various committees of ICSI-WIRC and the details of various committees and its Head is shared with you in the maiden issue of e-Focus of this year. We have decided to incorporate the activity sheet of all committees from next month onwards.


You would have read news that cricketer Gautam Gambhir and IAS officers are for child and family of martyrs. You can be for our CS brothers and sisters by contributing generously to CSBF - even if you are member of CSBF and by requesting your CS friends.

I will request you all to contribute liberally to CSBF through the WIRC initiative “Small Drops of Water makes the mighty Ocean”. Together we can ensure that CSBF will grow to a high extend and be a shadow for all members at the time of need.

To know more about CSBF, please visit http://www.icsi.edu/csbf/Home.aspx

You may refer to the following link for making the contribution.


Friends, when we open a newspaper we will get an invariable attention towards the contribution of our military and soldiers in the boarders. We sleep peacefully because they are awake. They are serving our Bharat Mata on a whole time basis without any break. We have also seen many of our young soldiers are sacrificing their lives leaving behind their young family for safeguarding the nation and ensuring that the nation is safe guarded. It is understood from the media that many iconic figures including film directors, businessmen and corporates are contributing selflessly for the Indian armed forces. My attention was also caught at the recent news that a 84 year old retired bank clerk has donated his life savings to the National Defense Fund.

Friends, every one of us are indebted to our nation and we owe to the nation. The nation has given us everything including this profession and its growth from time to time. Let us take inspiration from many and also be a small, yet worthy instrument in serving the nation by contributing to the National Defense Fund and safeguard our nation. It is said that “Hands that help others is always Holier than the lips that pray” and let us equip our hands to help and being a part of this nation cause.

Jai Hind.

Professionally Yours

CS Prakash K. Pandya



“Instilling Governance through Integrity”


Welcome to Western India Regional Council of the ICSI