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CS Prakash K.Pandya



March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path - Khalil Gibran

Dear Professional Colleagues,

March is always considered to be a month full of activities, both in professional as well as the personal front. It is month of filing of returns, appraisals, evaluation so on and so forth. For ICSI-WIRC also it was not an exception.

The month had an excellent start as I had the privilege of meeting Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon’ble Minister of Corporate Affairs. I along with CS Hitesh Kothari, Chairman of Professional Development Committee could meet the minister and put forth our thoughts and handed over a representation which is for the welfare for the profession at large. The minister had responded that he will consider our representation.

I had the pleasure of being a part of delegation who met Mr.Ajay Tyagi, the new Chairman of SEBI and could put forward our thoughts which will benefit our profession. I also had the proud privilege of interacting with the regulators viz. Regional Director, MCA, Registrar of Companies and could discuss some cardinal issues pertaining to our profession. All these interactions were an eye opener for me in one way or another and I have come to a late understanding that whatever we have achieved so far is just the tip of ice berg and we have a very deep ocean to dive in and explore some precious opportunities.

After the Chapter Chairmen meeting in the last week of February all the Chairmen has returned back to their domicile and started working on various targets given.

I am happy to inform you that our Chapter heads are taking lead in the development activities of the profession and nation. They have started interacting with the State governments for GST, labour related issues and identifying laws which outlived its life. Thane Chapter has taken the lead by contributing list of outdated laws in the State of Manaharshtra, which WIRC will be handing over to the Government of Maharashtra and thus contributing to the nation building exercise, in our own way. Some of the other Chpaters are working on similar lines and I will communicate the same at appropraite time.

It gives a deep sense of satisfaction that during Chapter Chairmen meeting held in the month of February had mooted the idea of Adoption of weak chapters for a year and making it stand on its foot. Accordingly WIRC adopted its Kolhapur chapter for the year 2017. The Council will be nurturing as well as monitoring Kolhapur Chapter to the best way possible and develop the chapter to the greater heights. Similarly every year other weak chapters will be identified and nurtured.

It is a matter of great delight that WIRC as well as our chapters have organised ever so many professional development programs of immense topical relevance and few programs which are mentioning noteworthy include Seminar on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Master Class series on GST as well as NCLT. On March 11, 2017 we also celebrated the Women’s Day under the guidance and leadership of CS Shilpa Dixit, Vice Chairperson, ICSI-WIRC where we had galaxy of speakers from the profession and outside the profession who threw some light on how development is possible among women by creating an absolute work life balance.

I could visit Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Aurangabad chapters in this month and had a fruitful interaction with the young and dynamic battery of Management Committee members. I always consider youngsters as “Idea Bank” and my interaction with the Chapter committee members were befitting to my thoughts.

The WIRC for the benefit of members have come out with the annual Professional Membership Scheme (PMS) for the year 2017, where one can apply for membership from April 2017. As usual the PMS Scheme is launched separately for both corporates as well as individuals with some novel and valuable additions. I would consider it as a basket where the members can opt for their programmes as per the choice based on what is available in the basket. I must compliment CS Hitesh Kothari who was instrumental in designing the scheme for the benefit of members. I must also congratulate him for designing an effective feedback system which will be sent to all the delegates who have attended the program.

Friends, It gives me great pride as well as a sense of satisfaction to share with you that the new initiative “Small Drops of Water Makes the Mighty Ocean” –A voluntary contribution towards CSBF introduced by WIRC was accepted by our members with both their hands and we got contribution not only from members, but also from students aswell. I would sincerely appeal all the members to contribute liberally and whole heartedly for the noble cause and take multi benefits viz. Tax benefits as well as a sense of satisfaction of promoting a social cause. It is said that when we run alone it is called Race and when we run for others it invites Grace. Let us all make an earnest attempt to derive maximum grace by contributing to this new initiative of WIRC.  Members and students who are interested to make contribution may refer to the following link. I would also request you to forward the link amongst your friends with a request to contribute a small drop towards CSBF.


Friends, the WIRC has already commenced crash course for the professional course for students who are appearing for the June 2017 examinations. The crash course for Executive will start very shortly.

You all will be remembering that MCA 21 was a revolution for CS professionals and we are marching ahead to make our region “e-WIRC-2017”. I seek the support and guidance of all the members and students to successfully complete this mission. It is well said that the journey of thousand miles start with the first step and our first step towards “e-WIRC-2017” is to make our programs and MSOP paperless. Today a student who want to apply for MSOP can apply online and upload all the documents in a soft copy version. Similarly a member can give feedback about any event by few clicks from their hand held phones.

Most of you by this time would have seen two editions of e-FOCUS newsletter in a revamped version. CS Amit Kumar Jain, Editor along with the editorial board members viz. CS B V Dholakia, CS Ankur Shah, CS Mayur Buha and CS Nehal Thaker are putting tremendous efforts to revamp the e-newsletter. I will sincerely request all the members to extend all sort of support to the editor and his vibrant team members.

March is marching ahead at an incredible speed and I am sure that the members are thriving hard to march with its pace. A lot of things to be shared but, as this issue needs to march ahead to the press I reserve my thoughts to the next edition where I will come back to you with a brief progress card for the quarter.

However I am tempted to conclude with a story titled “UBUNTU”

An African anthropologist proposed a game to the tribal children of Africa where he placed a basket of sweets near a tree and made all the children stand 100 meters away. Then he announced that whoever reaches first would get all the sweets in the basket. When he said “Ready-Steady-Go” Do you know what these young tribal children did? They all held each other’s hands, ran together towards the tree, divided the sweets equally among themselves, ate the sweets and enjoyed the moment. When the astonished anthropologist asked them why they did so, they collectively answered “UBUNTU” which meant “How can one be happy when others are sad”? UBUNTU in their language means-“I am because WE are”.

UBUNTU conveys a great lesson to all of us and in this month of march let us take a determination that, we Company Secretaries like these African tribal children should join our hands and MARCH together for common good and development.

Let us work towards that new sunshine and ray of hope and to ensure to have UBUNTU in the new financial year.

Happy reading!

Professionally yours

CS Prakash K.Pandya



“Instilling Governance through Integrity”


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