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CS Prakash K Pandya



Just as the highest tower needs a deep foundation, so too our higher thinking is based on going deep within

Dear Readers,

The winter is settling down and we are heading towards busy schedule in the professional front. Gone are the days where Company Secretary can excel if he had mastery in Companies Act and the coming days are expecting a 360 degree mastery in varied legislations. Name any segment, the need of Company Secretary is felt from a multinational company to municipal establishments to a small OPC. The year 2016 has seen three important milestones viz. Start-up India, Make in India and Smart City. It will not be an exaggeration if I mention that Company Secretaries are going to play a vital role in these initiatives.

Last month was a rewarding month for WIRC with number of activities for both members as well as students. We had some good seminars with topical relevance like Limited Liability Partnership, Merger and Amalgamations etc. We have also come out with a Master class for GST and NCLT which were well received by the members. In the days to come you will see more such initiatives.

It gives me tremendous satisfaction that the Council of ICSI, considering the request of Regional Council has reinstated Dombivli Chapter of ICSI. I compliment the efforts taken by members of Dombivli and Kalyan region to take active steps to rejuvenate the Chapter. I must mention here that the initiative would not have seen the light without the support of our Central Council members and Vice President CS Makarand Lele in particular who along with me was indulged in regular follow up with good offices of ICSI at Head office. I am confident that the Chapter will regain spontaneously the past glory and work with zeal for the development of the profession. On behalf of the Regional Council I assure the Dombivli Chapter all support in their new initiatives and good wishes to achieve larger heights.

It was a privilege for me to attend the Regional Chairmen meeting with President and Vice-President at New Delhi. It was a platform where all the Regional Chairmen could share their views for the overall development of the profession. The President, Vice President and Secretary has assured all support to us in our initiatives.

The growth of a region is not only based on how the Regional office functions, but also on how the Chapters are functioning as they are the cardinal organs of the region.

It was equally proud moments to be with the President,  Vice President of ICSI in meeting with Chairmen, Secretaries and office Incharge of all Chapters of the region in charting out the strategies for the profession and holding various programs across WIRC of ICSI. I am thankful to all of them for their whole  hearted support and very active participation, due to which we could chart out time bound mutually agreed milestones.

Though alphabetically placed in the tail my maiden visit to Chapter as a Chairman was to Vadodara Chapter and I had the influence and impact of interacting with young blood, full of enthusiasm and views. I will be visiting the other chapters in the months to come.

Appeal to Members

I invite suggestions from the members for the overall development of profession in various aspects. We are in the process of strengthening our research arm and request members who give their valuable inputs in making research initiatives more meaningful and helpful.

We are also in the process of identifying suitable faculty members who are interested in teaching in our Oral Teaching classes. Those who are well versed in subject of their choice with an inclination to deal and mingle with the student community can come forward and write to me with their updated resume.

Similarly those who are interested in the preparation of reading materials for seminars can also forward their details to me.

Appeal to students

Start dreaming for the future, have aspirations and also start dreaming on how to achieve the dreams. Mere acquaintance of books and chapters learned in class room alone will not constitute education. Think that you are future Company Secretaries and the Future of Companies lie in you all. Start thinking that you are future Governance Professionals and Ethics Officers of various mighty organisation and the foundation stone has to be laid  at once. You might have realised that the profession of Company Secretary should excel not only in writing skills but also in other soft skills. Today Company Secretaries have proved their mettle in appearing before NCLT and judicial bodies. As Swami Vivekananda Said “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”

The year is awaiting you with lot of competitions viz. Company Law Quiz, Essay Writing Competition, Moot Court ,Elocution competition and many more. I look forward for a splendid participation in these events from across the region.


I continue to request all the members to join CSBF and contribute liberally towards CSBF.Just like small drops of water makes the mighty ocean,your small efforts can take CSBF initiative a long way and a concrete pillar to help the professionals at the time of need.

Before I conclude I take this opportunity to compliment all my colleagues in the Regional Council for the commitment they are showing in various committee activities which they are heading. As an icing to the cake we also have the constant motivation and support of all the Central Council members from the region. I request all the Regional Council members to show the same enthusiasm for the betterment of the profession and earnestly looking forward for the constant guidance from Central Council members.

We are in the process of instilling Governance through Integrity. I am sure that you all are with me in achieving the same.

Let us meet again with yet another colourful HOLI edition soon.

Happy reading! Happy Holi.

CS Prakash K Pandya




“Instilling Governance through Integrity”


Welcome to Western India Regional Council of the ICSI