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My Dear Professional Colleagues,


ईप्सितार्थस्थिरनिश्चयं मनः पयश्च निम्नाभिमुखं प्रतीपयेत्॥

Who can reverse the course of two things, namely, the mind which is steadfastly clinging to the desired object and water which always flows from higher level to lower level!

At the outset I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year-2018 and sincerely thank all my Regional Council members in bestowing trust and confidence in me and entrusting the mammoth responsibility of Chairman of our own WIRC of ICSI.

On a personal note, I wish to share with you that I have risen to this position from a simple down-to-earth beginning which had its own share of struggles. I owe whatever I am today to the hard training & learning experience which I got from my seniors and the love and support I got from fellow professionals.

We’ve been through many changes, challenges and developments. Company Secretary as a profession is a very young profession and is, maturing and nurturing. Government, Regulator and Business World in recent has bestowed their trust on us as CS fraternity providing us with Opportunities and it is upto us to stand with the Responsibilities and Contribute towards Development of the Business World being Core Contributors.

Company Secretary Profession has been taking measures and initiatives and working tirelessly to anchor the governance for sustainability. We all have to with our vision to grow with the nation for the nation, besides commitment to support and shoulder the initiatives of growth have to act like catalyst in the process.

I believe in the thought that development of any institution not lies on the contribution of the elected representatives but also that of members who have to fuel the process by their ideas and suggestions. I appeal to one all to give their inputs to me so I can holistically be a Value Adder in the process.

During the year under process we shall be endeavouring to work under the ageis of “Creating Connections-Building Bridges…Together

 As the saying goes, coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success

When I look back at how our profession has evolved and how it has undergone a paradigm shift, it fills me with pride and satisfaction. I think this process needs to be given more and more momentum. Our profession is still effectively evolving in different dimensions driven by all-encompassing aspirations of our younger lot which need to be assiduously augmented. We have, no doubt, come a long way, but much of the distance is yet to be covered before we reach our destination across newer horizons. For that we have to walk together.

I believe that decisions don’t happen in a vacuum and the best ones rarely come from deep pondering in isolation. They happen when we learn from and draw on experiences of others. In that respect, I invite you all to be part of our decision-making and delivery processes. Let’s work to instil in ourselves the culture of continuous improvement. If we see a way to do something better, let’s take initiative to point it out and share it with our entire professional community. The collective pursuit of continuous improvement is very powerful not only because it leads to performance gains but also because of its value in unifying a professional community as remotely spread and diverse as ours. This will further strengthen the sense of ‘US’. But in this endeavour there has to be a definite positive pattern with a deep understanding of how small improvements add up to make a difference over the time.

During the year we shall be conducting numerous Seminars and Conferences to sharpen and polish the capabilities of the Members and some of the them would include KMP Submit, Drafting and Appearance in NCLT & Insolvency, Banking Conclave, Intellectual Property Rights conference etc. 

At the same time students are the future and we shall be devoting considerable attention on them and focus on making them ready for future challenges and be ready Market ready.

We all have to work along with the Regulators and would be having some day to day difficulties and I would be driving an initiative to understand them along with you and reach to regulators to iron out the concerned difficulties.

I am very sure that with your active contribution we shall together as a team be catalyst of Nation Development.

सर्वस्तरतु दुर्गाणि सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यतु।

सर्वः कामानवाप्नोतु सर्वः सर्वत्र नन्दतु

May all cross their difficulties. May all see good and auspicious things. May all get their wishes fulfilled. May everyone everywhere be happy.

I Humbly Salute the Profession

Yours Sincerely

CS Hitesh Kothari

Chairman 2018-WIRC of ICSI

Date : January 20, 2018

Place : Mumbai

Welcome to Western India Regional Council of the ICSI