Dear Students,

Sub: Discontinuation of e-learning

This is brought to the notice of the students that the agreement between the ICSI and M/s Gurukul Online Learning Solutions (GOLS) for e-learning was terminated on 13th September, 2015. In view of the same, the Institute has removed GOLS e-learning link from its website. It is clarified that GOLS e-learning program, if any, is now independent of the ICSI and the Institute claims no responsibility or liability for content provided by GOLS to students who have enrol afresh with GOLS after 13.09.2015.

If you have enrolled for e-learning on or prior to 13.09.2015, you will continue to receive the services from M/s GOLS for the duration of that specific course. In this case, you may continue to access the e-learning system through the url In case of any difficulty in accessing this, the same may please be brought to the notice of the Institute at