Dear Esteemed Student, 

As you are aware that we at Ghaziabad chapter of NIRC of ICSI, publish e- newsletter monthly. 

Students are cordially invited to forward their Article/ Write up for the Ghaziabad Chapter e- newsletter for the Month of May, 2024.

Please send the Article / Write up at and CC to & on or before 6th November, 2021 along with other credentials like Name, Registration No. , Contact no. , Email id,  and passport size photo.

Terms & conditions for publishing the articles are mentioned below:

1.    Ghaziabad Chapter  reserves the right to modify the content in the article as per their discretion.

2.    Ghaziabad Chapter only consider and publish original content in the newsletter and no copy & paste content of the article shall be acceptable.

Thanks and regards

Ghaziabad Chapter of NIRC of ICSI