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Research is very beautiful and creative activity which brings newness in any present way of viewing and/or doing things. It opens up door to see the things from different perspective. There is one great quote from ISHA UPANISHAD which further relates to research which goes like –

The root problem is our believing in the door’s reality, thinking that it is the beginning, middle and the end. Only when it disappears, we will see the TRUTH that lies beyond ‘Things’.”

When it comes to the research in the area of Corporate Governance, CSR, Corporate and Securities Laws, it plays pivotal role for corporate world at large and where the role of Company Secretaries come in to play. A company secretary has to carefully examine every single legal document that comes to him for vetting. A company secretary being compliance officer of the company has to be updated with all the laws which are applicable to the company and has to advise the Board accordingly and therefore he has to do lots of research in every law, policy and guidelines issued by Government which needs to be complied and there the role of research comes into play. Thus, while discharging this very vital role, research becomes integral part of his job profile.

In the view of the above, to help the student and members, discharging their duties, CCGRT is bestowed with the responsibility to foster the research culture. The present research initiatives of ICSI-CCGRT are focusing on: -

1. Encouraging collaborative research culture among the members.

2. Coming out with the latest publications that will help the members and students to remain updated with time.

3. Acting as a link between the senior researchers and scholars in the area of company secretary and corporate governance with the students and budding professionals.

At present CCGRT has taken up two major initiatives including: -

1. Get connected with the mentors

2. Connecting the dots with the members abroad.

More of such initiatives and ideas are most welcome!

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