One Day Orientation Programme (Executive Students)

Programme Date Registration Link
23-03-2023 (Physical Mode) 35th ODOP Batch Completed
05-04-2023  (Physical Mode) 36th ODOP Batch Completed
16-05-2023 (Physical Mode) 37th ODOP Batch Postponed
23-06-2023 (Physical Mode) 38th ODOP Batch Completed
25-07-2023 (Physical Mode) 39th ODOP Batch Completed
22-08-2023 (Physical Mode) 40th ODOP Batch Completed
09-09-2023 (Physical Mode) 41st ODOP Batch Completed
13-09-2023 (Physical Mode) 42nd ODOP Batch Completed
18-09-2023 (Physical Mode) 43rd ODOP Batch Completed
22-09-2023 (Physical Mode) 44th ODOP Batch Completed
03-10-2023 (Physical Mode) 45th ODOP Batch Completed
29-11-2023 (Physical Mode) 46th ODOP Batch Postponed
16-12-2023 (Physical Mode) 46th ODOP Batch Registration Link

ICSI is introducing free Online centralized classes for the students of Executive and Professional Programme (New Syllabus 2022) For students appearing in June 2024 examination

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