Class Room Teaching

➤  CSEET Online Preparatory Classes for January-2024 Test, starting from 17th November, 2023. Registration going on!! /media/portals/0/new.gif

Celebration of Student Month, July 2023

➤    Van Mahotsav Day on 1st July 2023  ; Glimpses of Van Mahotsav Day July 2023

    Session of Effective Communication on 3rd July 2023  

➤    Power Point Competition on 4th July 2023  ;  Glimpses of PPT Competition

➤    Video Byte Competition on 5th July 2023  

➤    Joint Programme by EIRO with Kazi Nazrul University on 6th July 2023  

➤    Faculty Induction Programme on 7th July 2023  

➤    Classroom Teaching/Coaching Classes for December 2023 session Examination to start on 8th July 2023  

➤    Programme on Communication/Soft Skills Development for Students on 10th july 2023   

➤    Session on IT enabled solutions and benefits of its uses in CS profession/corporate environment on 11th July 2023  

➤    Declamation Competition for Students on 14th July 2023   

➤    Mock Interview for Students on 17th July 2023   

➤    Moot Court Competition for Students on 18th july 2023   

➤    Blood Donation Camp @ ICSI EIRC House, Kolkata on 19th July 2023   

➤    Zero Grievance Day on 19th July 2023   

➤    Trainee Drive for Students on 20th July 2023   

➤    Submission of articles by the students on academic topics latest by 21st July 2023  

➤    Training Induction Programme on 24th July 2023  

➤    Poster Making Competition on 26th July 2023   

➤    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 27th July 2023  

➤    Yoga Session on 28th July 2023   

➤    Student Registration Day on 29th July 2023  

➤    Painting Competition on 31st July 2023