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 Subject Specific Guidance for CS Students 

 Student- ICSI Academic Connect 

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Guidance for June 2015 Examination 

FAQs Relevant for Executive Programme /media/portals/0/new.gif

FAQs Relevant for Professional Programme /media/portals/0/new.gif

Guidance on Applicability of Companies Act, 2013 for June 2015 Examination /media/portals/0/new.gif

Guidance on Applicability of Finance Act 2014 for June 2015 Examination /media/portals/0/new.gif

Examiners observations and comments on the performance of examinees in December,2014 Examination /media/portals/0/new.gif


Study Updates for June, 2015 Examination 

Academic Updates Applicable for June, 2015 Examination

Tax Updates Applicable for June, 2015 Examination


Practice Test Papers 

Foundation Programme

 Executive Programme

OMR Based Examination of Executive Programme

(i) Cost and Management Accounting (Module 1,Paper 2)

(ii) Tax Laws and Practice (Module 1, Paper4)

(iii) Industrial, Labour and General Laws(Module 2,Paper7)

(iv) Specimen OMR Answer Sheet

 Professional Programme (New Syllabus)

Professional Programme (Old Syllabus)

Open book Examination


Study Material

New Syllabus



Study Material

 New Syllabus (Edition July 2014)

Tax Laws and Practice based on Finance (No.2) Act, 2014

 Advanced Tax Laws and Practice based on Finance(No.2) Act, 2014


 Corrigendum to Study Material

Company Law Executive Programme 

Advanced Company Law and Practice IT 

Other Subjects Professional Programme



 Foundation Programme - for students having 2012 edition of study material

Executive Programme - for students having 2013 edition of study material

Professional programme - for students having 2013 edition of study material 


Suggested Answers

Suggested Answers-2013 

Suggested Answers 2014 -Elective Paper

 Corrigendum to the Guideline Answer of Executive Programme (New Syllabus) Module-I


Old Syllabus


Study Material

Old Syllabus (Edition July 2013) 



Professional Programmme - Old Syllabus 


Admission to Course(s)under ICSI-IGNOU MoU 



Student Company Secretary 

 CS Foundation Course 

Other suggested readings

e-CS Nitor

Chartered Secretary



 Online English Learning Programme