We invite members to associate with the CoE and contribute by submitting their research papers/articles, briefs, case studies in any of the contemporary areas relevant to the profession. The best research papers/Articles will be released by the centre in form of e-bulletin.

For further details please mail to: Dr. Sapna Malhotra, Deputy Director-Strategies, or contact Ph: 8826364270

I. Handbook on Arbitration: A Practical Guide for Professional: Released on 7th January, 2022  at the ICSI 49th National Convention II. E-Publication_ Impact Analysis of Turbulent Times on Company Secretaries III. Gyan Ganga: Corporate Governance through Ancient Indian Scriptures


Gyan Ganga 1: Gyan Ganga_1_12052020
Gyan Ganga 2: Gyan Ganga_2_27052020
Gyan Ganga 3: Gyan Ganga_3_16062020
Gyan Ganga 4: Gyan Ganga_4_02072020
Gyan Ganga 5: Gyan Ganga_5_18072020
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Gyan Ganga 7: Gyan Ganga_7_28082020
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