The Institute has reoriented its online services to capture the information pertaining to photographs and signatures of members.  The members may upload the scanned image of their photograph and signature on the website of the Institute by following the steps given below:


1.       Open the Institute's website

2.       At Homepage click on login button appearing on top of the website.

3.       Click on ‘Members’ Tab and then click on ‘Member Login’ button.

3.       Use your membership number as Axxxx for ACS and Fxxxx for FCS as your                         

          user name.  For example, if the Associate Membership number of the member is

          2502 then the user name should be written as A2502 and for FCS it should be       

          written as F2502.

4.       Your password shall be the same as used by you earlier on our portal

5.       In case you have not created your password till date you may create your

 password by using and then come back to the new portal after 48 hours.

6.       Once logged in click on ‘Members’ tab followed by ‘My Account’ tab.

7.       Click on the last tab ‘Manage Image’.

8.       Click on the browse button to upload your photograph and signature.

(The format of the file containing the photograph and signature should be in .jpeg format and the size of the file containing the photograph and signature should be maximum of 150 kb each).


In case the members are facing any problem in doing the same, the members are requested to send their images of photograph and signature from their email id registered with the Institute to  email IDs at  For clarifications if any, members may contact Mr.Santosh Kumar Jha, Programmer at telephone no. 011 45341062 or write at e-mail ids or Mr. J S N Murthy, Administrative Officer at  011 45341049.


It has come to the notice of the Institute that some of the members are using / forwarding the emails of the Institute requesting the members for sending the scanned image of their photograph and their signature for online verification by the Institute.  Members are advised not to use / circulate the emails of the Institute in their own name.  In case they want to share this information with any member of the Institute, the same should not be by copying/ circulating the email of the Institute.

All members are requested  to ensure the same.