PPT of CS S Sudhakar on LODR                   PPT of CS Makarand Joshi

Seminar on 09022019 DK Jain Sir    Company Law Amendements Presentation.pptx  09.02.2019


ICSI-WIRC Annual PCS Regional Conference 7-8 July 2018 at Indore

1. Companies Amendments Act by CS R Kalidas

2. NBFC by CS Hemant Vijay Pandya

3. FEMA by CA Manoj Shah

4. Valuvation by CA CS Chander Sawhney

07.04.2018 Full Day Seminar at Hotel Lemon Tree Indore

1. PPT of CS S Sudhakar on LODR

2. PPT of CS Makarand Joshi on Companies Amendment Act

3.PPT of CA Harry Parekh on FEMA-FDI Related aspects


Particulars & PPT Links


11.11.2017 Two Days Conference on NCLT

1. PPT on Oppression & Mismanagement by CS Nesar Ahmed




23.09.2017 :- Half Day Seminar on Recent Issues & Amendments under Companies Act


1. PPT on Companies Bill 17 by CS R Kalidas



24.06.2017: Half Day Workshop on Boards Report & CSR

1. CSR by CS Rupanjana De

2. Boards Report by CS Rupanjana De


20.05.2017: Full Day Seminar

1. PPT on Benamy Laws by CA Rajesh Sanghvi

2. PPT on RERA by CA Rajesh Sanghvi


25.3.2017: FULL DAY SEMINAR On
"LLP” & "Critical Issues and Recent Updates in Capital Market"

1. IEPF.pptx

2.Recent Regulatory Changes-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf

3.LLP PPT INDORE 25.03.2017.pdf


18.03.2017: Exclusive Session on Corporate Governance Issues in Recent Scenario”

1. Recent Rulings on Corporate Goverance issues_GP [March 18, 2017].pdf

2. Recent Updates in Securities Laws_GP [March 18, 2017].pdf


11.3.2017: Full Day Seminar

1 . PPT_Internal Aids to Construction of Statutes.pptx

2. A_PPT-Compliances under LODR-11.03.17 R Kalidas.pdf

3. Preparation for year end Compliance under CA 2013 DKJ on ICSI Indore 11.03.2017.pdf


17.02.2017: SCM on FDI & Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

PPT on FDI By CS Devesh Tukedar