Faculty Resource Data Bank System

The Institute’s Headquarters and its various Regional and Chapter Offices are regularly organising various programmes for development of Members and Students. Even though, the Institute has a large pool of Faculty, a need has been felt for developing a Centralised Data Bank for optimal use of the available Faculty in the programmes being organised by the Institute and its constituent offices across the country.

For achieving the said objective, the Institute is in the process of building a centralised database so that the services of the esteemed faculty members can be used in the various programmes of the Institute for the benefit of stakeholders.

Apart from the regular faculty in the Institute’s programmes, there may be many professionals who have vast experience and expertise in the areas pertaining the activities of the Institute.

Through this initiative, the Institute is extending an open invitation to the professionals for submitting the details of their expertise so that the Institute could utilise their services in the programmes to be organised by the Institute. Professionals (Members of ICSI and even Non- Members) who have the requisite experience and expertise are requested to submit the details at the following link :

Submit Details for Faculty Data Bank

For modification/Updation and Deletion

Since the data is being compiled through Google form, once the data is entered and submitted by the professionals, for any further Updation/ amendments, they may write to the Institute at the email id ravi.kant@icsi.edu


The data being submitted by the professionals through Google form does not entitle him or her to be appointed as Part time/Guest /Regular Faculty of the Institute. Subject to the consent of the professionals for acting as faculty in the Institute’s programmes, the Institute shall be sharing the data of such professionals with the Regional and Chapters Offices of the Institute to enable them to utilise their expertise. The Institute will be at liberty to accept or reject any application submitted by the professionals without notice.