1.) ICSI is creating data bank of Faculty for various courses imparted by the Institute
2.) The link is open to all the candidates whether member or non -member of the Institute who are interested to join as faculty in the Institute.
3.) Preference shall be given to the candidates having good academic record and having exposure of teaching in good academic Institutes.
4.) The overall selection procedure shall incorporate transparent, objective and credible methodology of analysis of the merits and credentials of the applicants based on weightages given to the performance of the candidate in different relevant dimensions.
5.) Institute may also assess the ability for teaching and/or research aptitude through a seminar or lecture in a class room situation or discussion on the capacity to use latest technology in teaching and research at the interview.
6.) Institute can send the data of the faculty to all its offices and study centres of the Institute located across Indi.
7.) Mere submission of data does not entitle any person to act as the faculty of the Institute.

Register Your self

ICSI is creating data bank of Faculty for various courses imparted by the Institute . Interested candidates can register themselves at the link given below.

Application for inclusion in Centralised ICSI Faculty Data Bank for CS Foundation, Executive and Professional Programmes

Email to:-

The data filled in by the candidates will automatically reach us once you click on submit button. Further in case any candidate has filled in incorrect data like email, address, qualification etc, he may write to


The data being submitted by the candidates through google form does not entitle him or her to be appointed as Part time/Guest /Regular Faculty of the Institute. Institute has every right to select or reject any application without giving any notice to anyone.