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•   46th NATIONAL CONVENTION OF ICSI Click here for Online Registration
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•  Study Circle Meeting on "Practical Aspects of DIR-3 KYC and SBO" on Saturday, 18.08.2018  at ICSI-EIRC House, Kolkata

•   Student Month Celebration July-2018   

¤  18th All India Company Law Quiz Competition - 2018 on Saturday, 4th August, 2018
¤  5 Days Entrepreneurship Development from 31st July, 2018 to 4th August, 2018
¤  World Nature Conservation Day- Declamation competition on the theme
“ Role of a CS in environment and pollution control laws” on 28th July, 2018
¤  Kargil Victory day celebration followed by essay writing competition
on "Due diligence in context of armed forces" on 26th July, 2018
¤  Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on Thursday, 26th July, 2018
¤  New Syllabus 2017- A Session on benefits of New Syllabus on 25th July 2018
¤  5 Days Skill Development Program from 24th to 28th July, 2018
¤  Stress Management Session for Students on Tuesday, 24th July, 2018  

Corporate Houses of Kolkata will

come to guide the students on 25th July,2018

¤  17th All India Elocution Competition – 2018 (Regional Round) on Friday, 27th July, 2018
¤  Group Discussion Session on 20th July, 2018 at ICSI-EIRC Library
¤  National Flag Adoption Day on Sunday, 22nd July, 2018
¤  Faculty induction Programme on Sunday, 22nd July, 2018
¤  Parent Teachers Meet on Sunday, 22nd July, 2018
¤  Communication / soft skills development Programme for students on 18th July, 2018
¤  Moot Court Competition on 19th July, 2018
¤  "Samadhan Diwas’’- Zero Grievance Day for students on 19th July, 2018
¤  Webcast for students on 14th July, 2018
¤  Campus Placement for Students seeking Management Training on 30th July, 2018
¤  3 Days e-Governance from 19th to 21st July, 2018
¤  2 Days Induction from 17th to 18th July, 2018
¤  129th MSOP of ICSI-EIRC from 12th July, 2018 to 28th July, 2018
¤  Debate on World Population Day on Wednesday, 11th July, 2018
¤  Cultural Events on Tuesday, 10th July, 2018
¤  Free Health Check-up Camp at ICSI-EIRC House on Saturday, 7th July, 2018
¤  Corporate Law Quiz at ICSI-EIRC House on Wednesday, 4th July, 2018  ¤  59th EDP of ICSI-EIRC from 2nd July, 2018 to 10th July, 2018

¤  Van Mahotsav celebration at ICSI-EIRC on Sunday, 1st July, 2018      

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Refund of fees received from students who have not attended SIP/EDP

Message from the Desk of Chairman


"First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you are inspired or not. -   Octavia Butler."

Dear Professional Colleagues

I am sure that you all will agree that a Habit is nothing but persistence in practice. A habit will help you finish and polish your work, inspiration won’t. It is rightly said that like every persistent practice, winning is a habit but unfortunately losing is a habit, as well. Therefore in order to keep winning we need to start braking some habits which are keeping us away from attaining success.

You all might have been drenched in monsoon by the Mother Nature in this rainy season and some of you would be enjoying the season while some would be complaining. But one thing I am sure the showers of the activities of EIRC would have definitely drenched you all. The month of July was celebrated as STUDENTS MONTH and EIRC being the reigning Best Regional Council (for Students Months activities), had organised a variety of programmes for the students in this month to continue its winning streak. You can see detail reports on the activities in the inside pages of this newsletter.

The month of July started with the Celebration of completing one year of rollout of GST and we celebrated it as GST Day on 1st of July at EIRC. A one of its kind, Classroom sessions on Companies Act were organised on 5th & 6th of July where the basics details of the act were discussed. EIRC hosted KMP Conclave: A Symposium on Quality of Professional Services on 14th July and celebrated Capital Markets Week by organising a Mega Programme on 28th July. We joined hands with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for a Half Day Programme on Ethics, Director’s Report and Stressed Assets on 7th July where as a Conference on Corporate Governance was organised on 21st July. On 26th July, we joined hands with Merchants Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) for a Full Day Training Programme on Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 and SBO.

We celebrated the Foundation Day of EIRC on 31st July where we acknowledged the valuable contribution and support of all the Past Leaders of EIRC for keeping the flag of profession flying high and helping EIRC to scale new heights.

I once again take this opportunity to request you all for your active participation and patronage for the 46th National Convention which is scheduled to be held from 30th August to 1st September at Bhubaneswar, a grand success.

I am thankful for the constant support and guidance from my colleagues in Regional Council, Central Council Members and all my Predecessors at EIRC, in all my initiatives. I also acknowledge the efforts of EIRO officials under the leadership of Shri DVNS Sarma in giving their best to implement these initiatives.

Before concluding…… do remember that we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, hence, is not an act, it’s a habit.

Please feel free to share your views and suggestion to me. My coordinates are given below.

With warm regards,
CS Ashok Purohit 
Chairman, EIRC of ICSI

e-mail: ashokp@emamigroup.com; chairman.eirc@icsi.edu