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 Chairperson’s MONOLOGUE



If the mind is intensely eager, Everything can be accomplished Mountains can be crumbled into atoms.

- Swami Vivekananda

Dear friends

It takes me great pleasure to communicate with you all and wishing you all the best in professional and personal sphere for the year ahead.

As you all are aware that next few years are going to be of great challenge as well as learning for our fraternity , with the advent of the Companies Act,2013 (new act) and other proposed changes in the field of our work. This is the time for us not only to outshine but also to create a imprint which should act as a benchmark for other professionals. Under the new act at the one hand our fellow professionals who are in employment are recognized as Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) on the other hand our fellow professionals who are in advisory and audit role will be required to conduct Secretarial Audit and also provide advocacy. Also it is pertinent to note that under the new act the responsibility given to Company Secretary Profession stems out from the faith of the legislators in our integrity and competency.

In view of the aforesaid we have to be equipped to face the challenge of not only learning the new laws but also enhancing and polishing our skill sets including the soft skills.

In recognizing the needs of WIRC members on the aforesaid, I appeal you all to join the WIRC Professional Development Programme which shall provide with a platform to learn and share.

As the institute is of all and we committee members are only facilitator and trustees thus, I request you all to provide your inputs for the betterment of the Institute and benefiting the profession.

I, am very sure that with the dedication and efforts of the  WIRC council members ,other members though not being in the council , yet contributing immensely and the staff of WIRC, we shall providing our best to all.

I appeal to all our seniors to do guide us and provide their critical inputs for the betterment of the profession.

For the ensuing year at the backdrop of the aforesaid, the theme “Knowledge - Arise, Awake and Learn” seems most appropriate.

”The capacity that transform science into knowledge is the power of observation. Knowledge and Science come together and result into a positive capacity i.e. capacity to explore. Knowledge is truth .The awareness of truth is acquisition of knowledge, the utilization of knowledge for the purpose of growth and development is Science”. Dr.Aniruddha Joshi.

I seek support, suggestions and participation of all.

Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is the greatest wealth!

With Warm Regards,

CS Ragini Chokshi 
Mumbai, February 2014




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