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Dream More Learn More Do More Became More …………………………………….

I feel privileged to assume the office of Chairman and I thank WIRC council members for bestowing this honour on me and for reposing their trust in me. This post has been held by many distinguished  luminaries of the profession who have laid a strong foundation and moulded this profession through the years. This great responsibility now rests on my shoulders and I accept it with great humility and with full preparedness to continue to lead the profession to greater heights of glory and success and look forward to meet and overcome its challenges during the year. As with all great organizations, they are built on the hard work, dedication and tireless efforts of so many; together we will work towards building on the wonderful accomplishments of my predecessor with a continued focus on being able to provide you with the best of resources, great service, networking capabilities and professional development opportunities that will enhance you all as a world class professional. I am available to each of you, to take cognizance your suggestions and concerns regarding the effective management of the WIRC. I am a firm believer in free exchange of ideas and that a free exchange of ideas only enhances WIRC.  Each of us has talents that will, when employed, lend themselves to the enhancement of  our profession.

The theme for the year around which the programs are going to be conducted is Knowledge – Skills – Visibility. Current era is an era which is an enigma in itself on the one hand there are wide spread challenges and at the same time there are galore of opportunities. Recognizing the same, it is much required that there is continuous up gradation of Knowledge and at the same time enhancement of the skills set is required to utilize such Knowledge. Along with Knowledge and Skills, Visibility is also of paramount significance. Visibility creates opportunities for growth and survival. Our professional growth is dependent on the knowledge we possess and the same can be gained and polished only through spread of knowledge in an efficient and timely manner. Skill development is indispensable and is the key for systematic professional development and is of prime importance in stimulating a sustainable development of professionals. It is very crucial to have and make ones presence felt in order to make awareness about the utility and contribution one can make in the eco system where they are existing. The visibility creates opportunities which is required for the growth and survival.

You shall be happy to know that this year WIRC will be coming out with elite publications of international standards. I am happy to inform you that the stage is set and the countdown has begun to the following mega WIRC events which shall take place in coming days for which book your diary –

1.       Secretarial Audit

2.       Two days’ Work shop on Appearance before Tribunals and quasi judicial bodies

3.       KMP Conclave

4.       HR Conclave

5.       PCS Regional Conference

6.       Employee Company Secretary Conference

7.       Students Regional Conference

This year apart from programs under our core area programs would be conducted under emerging areas more importantly it is very vital not spread the knowledge and for the same you all will be happy to know programs are also webcasted live and also programs are recorded and are available at our website and you tube. The archives are available in the website for those members who could not view the live telecast, which can be viewed at ease as per your convenience.

Over the years we have seen our WIRC change and grow. It has caused us on numerous occasions to pause and reflect on where we needed to go and what we need to become in order to be value-added to you, our stakeholders. We have to excel not only at WIRC but also  individually because WIRC is nothing but soul of its stakeholders. I appeal to all of you to come forward and provide your suggestions, ideas and more importantly constructive criticisms to accelerate the progress and development of WIRC.  We also need your feedback to help us serve you better, we need you to tell us what you want to see more of. We would appreciate your thoughts on what we can better do to make our WIRC the best Council.

We are also in the process of providing professional excellence to our students and for the same we have initiated PRIDE – Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence under our OTC Academic initiative  wherein we will be preparing them not only for examination  but also enabling them to face professional demands from the first day itself and thereby ensuring 360 degree growth in this process. Also you will be happy to note that this year WIRC will also be focussing on Social and Health issues and we will be focusing two medical ailments Cancer and Diabetes.

Since, all these events will tremendously enhance our professional outlook, I request all of you to take out time from your schedule to actively participate in these mega programmes. It was nice to share my thoughts with you through my first message as Chairman. The vision and targets that we have set out this year are based on Excellence.

Ride your way to success and I hope to see you out at one of our events soon!

Proud to be a Company Secretary

Meri Pechaan Mera Institute

CS Rishikesh Vyas



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