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CS Prakash K Pandya



Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success

                        Henry Ford

Dear Professional Colleagues,

At the outset, let me extent a warm and cordial welcome to ICSI-WIRC, your own home ground of the profession. Our Profession has seen sweeping changes in the year 2016 viz, emergence of GST, NCLT, Bankruptcy code and many more. The Company Secretaries are expanding their horizons to various avenues apart from the traditional and conventional areas of the yester years. Company Secretaries are regarded as a composite package – from traditional secretarial field to compliance officer of not only corporate laws but also of other allied laws. Slowly we are moving towards, may I say, specialist mercantile lawyer – whether as in-house counsel or practitioner.

When I sat down to pen this maiden communication as the Chairman of one of the largest Region of ICSI which has seen many illustrious predecessors there were mixed feelings and emotions in me. However, my delight has been overshadowed with the mammoth amount of responsibility which I have to shoulder during the tenure as Chairman of this region. I have been a part of this region from my student days to till date and I consider it as a blessing for the abundant opportunity this region has given to me. I am humbled by the confidence reposed on me by my esteemed members in the council and the kind wishes which I have received from my seniors and other members of the Council.

Friends, we are planning to offer a sumptuous platter for you during the year viz. research initiatives, workshops, more half-day seminars and round table study circles of topical relevance, conferences, webinars and many more to come. Very soon you will be witnessing a new incarnation of FOCUS magazine, which will be featuring insightful and useful articles, interviews with regulators and other icons, cartoons to balance the mood etc.

I am taking this opportunity to urge all the members of the region to extend a whole-hearted support for all the activities and initiatives of WIRC.

I thank Mr. Sanjay Kumar Nagar, Joint Secretary who acted as the Administrator of WIRC and upholding the confidence of the Regional Council. My thanks to CS Dinesh C. Arora, Secretary for the ever supportive approach and commitment towards ICSI and guiding WIRC during its tough times.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate CS (Dr.) Shyam Agrawal who has been elected as President of ICSI for the year 2017. Our joy knew no bounds when we heard that CS Makarand Lele from our region was elected as the Vice President for the year 2017.  When CS Makarand Lele was the Chairman of WIRC in 2011 I had the privilege of working very closely with him as the Secretary of the Regional Council. This gives me a feeling that the history has repeated and we are again getting an opportunity to work together for the development of ICSI aswell as WIRC. I am sure that ICSI will reach larger heights under the stewardship of CS (Dr.) Shyam Agrawal and CS Makarand Lele. On behalf of WIRC let me assure the President and Vice President a concrete support for all the developmental initiatives of ICSI.

The new teams have assumed their office in the Chapter level as well from January 19,2016. It is satisfying to note that all the chapter teams are young, bubbling with energy and a quiver fully of novel ideas. Let me wish them all the very best and assure you to extend all sort of possible support for the development of profession. WIRC is looking forward to lot of collective initiatives with the Chapter during the year.

Friends, Success can be achieved only by TEAM efforts and it is said that TEAM signifies Together Everyone Achieve More. It is also said that Small drops of water makes the mighty ocean. Hence I sincerely appeal all the members of the region to wholeheartedly and selflessly support various activities of WIRC.  It is worth mentioning that the Company Secretaries Benevolent Fund(CSBF) is an excellent initiative of ICSI to help its members as well as their families at the time of contingency. I would appeal to those who have not become member of CSBF, to become its member and reap its returns. You may refer  http://www.icsi.edu/csbf/Home.aspx to know more about CSBF. Alternatively, you may also contact the Western India Regional office, Mumbai or your respective chapters to know more about CSBF.

Your suggestions are important to us to grow. It is your criticisms which is going to make us stronger and not your compliments and we are very keen to receive your suggestions. Do write to me at chairman.wirc@icsi.edu. We look forward to receiving you for the WIRC activities as a member-participant in the days to come. Also write to me stating your ideas and the areas which you would like to contribute at WIRC level for the development of profession.

I have not touched upon some of the cardinal issues as I have to rush my message to the press to meet the timelines. However, I will be covering those in the coming issues and once again look forward to see you all on the board for a meaningful and rewarding journey for one year.

Vande Mataram; Jai Hind

Professionally yours,

CS Prakash K Pandya

“Instilling Governance through Integrity”


Welcome to Western India Regional Council of the ICSI