1. Filing fees
          (A) Fees for filing, registering or recording any document with ROC under the Companies Act, 1956
          (B) Fees for application made to Central Government under
              Section 108 (1 -D) of the Companies Act, 1956 (Power delegated to ROC)..
          (C) Additional fees under Section 611 (2) of the Companies Act, 1956.
          (D) Fees under Companies (Central Government's) General Rules & Forms, 1956. [Payable to ROC].
          (E) Fees for Application made to Central Government.
          (F) Company Law Board (Fees On Applications and Petitions) Rules, 1991. -
          (G) Capital Criteria for availability of company's name.
          (H) Fees payable for registration of new Company in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

          Forms, Returns and Documents that are to be filed with the Registrar of Companies

          Particulars to be filed with the Registrar/Regional Director for which no forms are prescribed.

          Privileges to Private Limited Companies

          Powers of the Board of Directors

          Liabilities of Directors

          Matters Requiring passing of Special Resolution

          Matters Requiring passing of Ordinary Resolution

          Matters requiring shareholders consent by Postal Ballot

          Items requiring consent of directors at board meeting

          Items requiring unanimous consent of Board of Directors

          Matters, which cannot be decided by Circular Resolution

          Jurisdiction of Securities and Exchange Board of India

          Rights of Members of the companies under the Companies Act, 1956.

          Checklist for Directors' Report

          Bare Act, Rules & Regulations

          Statutory Registers [optional registers are not covered]

          Compoundable offences
          Offences, which prescribe Continuing Penalty of fine with or without fixed fine.
          Offences, which prescribe penalty of imprisonment or fine or both.

          In case of offences mentioned under Section 210(5) and (6), 211 (7) and (8), 212(9) and (10) and 217(5) and (6),
          there shall be no Imprisonment until the offence was willfully committed.
          Offences, Which prescribe penalty of Imprisonment only, or imprisonment and fine.

          The Offences under Section 58A and 58AA shall be cognisable offences.
          Offences, which prescribe punishment of fixed fine.

          Secretarial Standards.- permission of Institute of Company Secretaries of India may be required Name availability guideline

          Calculation of ROC fees - similar to on website

          Fields for Practicing Company Secretary

          Documents to be placed at Annual General Meeting.

          DCA Citizen's CharterWhere the Liquidator of the Company shall be deemed to be an officer of the Company

          The Companies (Preservation and Disposal of Records) Rules, 1966