President's Message - CS (Dr.) Shyam Agrawal

President ICSI

April, 2017

सत्यं वद। घर्मं चर।
‘Satyam Vada; Dharmam Chara’

‘Speak the truth. Abide by the Law.’

My Valued Colleagues

I deem myself to be lucky being Torch-bearer of this prestigious Institute for this year when ICSI has the dual honor of entering its Golden Jubilee year as well as crossed the strength of huge 50,000 members in its eventful journey of approaching 50 golden years. This celebrated membership was conferred through the gracious hands of Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Sh. Arun Jaitley ji on 8th March 2017. This feat comes with an inspiring message that now we are a strong collective force of 50,000 which stands committed to extend positive contribution towards Nation building by creating an environment of best Governance practices in Corporate India. Our message is very clear to the outside world “We are determined to keep the fire burning within us and are going to break our comfort zones and explore the roads less travelled.”

To mark these celebrations, ICSI formally launched its ‘Motto’ for the first time in the history of the Institute through the gracious hands of esteemed Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Sh. Tapan Ray. After deep deliberations and study of our ancient Indian scriptures and relating these to the role our Company Secretaries have been playing since inception of the Institute, ‘Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara’, one the quotes of Taittirya Upnishad has been taken up as the Motto of ICSI. We Company Secretaries; are viewed as the ‘Conscience Keepers’ of the companies we belong to. We Company Secretaries are the ‘Krishna’s’ of today’s ‘Corporate Mahabharat’. This is why, after much introspection, ICSI has chosen this Motto to match the spirit that guides us while playing such roles in the broader interest of the stakeholders, society and nation. Dharma, as many times misinterpreted in its English translation, is not a ‘religion’, but, the natural instinct in all of us that stimulates us at a subconscious level to discharge our duty keeping the force of moral values in mind, the moral values instilled in us throughout our life. Dharma encompasses the natural, innate behaviour of things, duty, law, ethics, virtue, etc. So, every one of us should abide by the moral laws of our CS dharma.

This Motto also reminds me of a magnificent story I read once. A Yogi was performing his regular routine of taking a bath in the river, while his followers waited for him on the shore. When the Yogi noticed a scorpion fallen accidently in the water, the Yogi immediately picked up that scorpion. Despite deep pain of the scorpion sting racing through his veins, the great Yogi struggled through the water towards the shore, and salvaged the scorpion. His followers who were watching this feat of kindness of Yogi were taken aback at the Yogis’ determination to save the scorpion despite repeated stings. The perplexed followers hurried to the struggling Yogi and were stunned to witness the smile on the content Yogi’s face. One of them could not stop asking how he can still smile as scorpion was about to kill him almost and he was still rescuing his killer. The Yogi responded quietly ‘the Scorpion was only following its dharma, or nature, which is to sting. And I followed my dharma, which is to save the lives of needy ones.’ Therefore, Dharma becomes your duty, the moral law you are supposed to abide by despite all hardships. Read more...

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