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The undersigned must congratulate your team for putting up such excellent site which can be truly be called a model site for all offices to follow. The additional resources, projection of SIP and other programmes, activation of Forum reflect the extent of the detail to which your team has gone to exploit the various options the platform has and can be exploited.

- Ankur Yadav, Senior Director (Information Technology) - ICSI


I am Pursing my CS professional Program with 15 Months Articleship. I convey my sincere gratitude to ICSI- Bangalore Chapter for maintaining such a beautiful portal which is very helpful to all CS students and members. The portal provides various information on our course and employment opportunities. The portal helped me to find a Company for pursuing my 15 months management training in a listed Company. I have checked the portal of other CS-chapters in India and I have not come across any such facility or information provided by any other chapter the way you have done it. I congratulate chapter for all its efforts to see that the portal is well maintained.

-Nandan Shanbhag, CS Student, Professional Stage, Bangalore


It is really nice to see the website of Bangalore Chapter of ICSI - a informative and beautifully designed.

-CS. Sudhir V Hulyalkar, Bangalore


The Bangalore chapter Website is really good, thanks to management committee for providing all information in the website.

- Gangadhar


The ICSI Bangalore chapter's web-site has come out well. Good job.


- CS. Chandra Shekar, FCS 4333


The website of our chapter is really informative and is helping us to get up to date knowledge about the Institute and its programs. Before this we used to know about the programs after it is over through Student Company Secretary. I mainly thank for you and your team for this significant change.

- Venkatesh Bhat, Professional Program Student, Bangalore


I have been perusing Bangalore webpage. I whole heartedly congratulate you and your sub committee members in designing Bangalore web page so informatively and effectively. I appreciate the productive usage of IT tools to reach members and students. I wish more power and strength to you all to do more and more good activities like this.

A Visweswara Rao, AVRao & Associates, Company Secretaries


Congratulation to you and your team on the website of our chapter. It is very informative and is helping us get up to date information about the Institute and its programs without traveling long distances or making n number of calls to the institute.

- Meghana, CS Student