Complaints Management at NIIT

At NIIT, we take every possible step to ensure that our doors are always open to students with grievances, suggestions and queries. With three efficient means to be heard, we affirm our commitment to the highest degree of care for our students.


Registered students at NIIT Centres have easy ways of being heard & getting their grievances, suggestions and queries resolved. 


Every NIIT Centre has a CGRS Drop Box. Students can fill the CGRS form available at the Centre mentioning the complaint details with batch and registration information and drop it in the box. Students can expect a response from the Centre Head / Nominates Staff Member of the Centre within a week.


In the event of not being satisfied with the response / solution, students can write to Regional Head / Regional Delivery & Information Systems Head with the details.


Finally, in order to keep the communication channels open all the time, we welcome students grievances on to communicate grievances to NIIT Head Office. This is incase, students are not satisfied with the responses/resolutions from the Centre Head / Nominates Staff Member of the Centre /Regional Head / Regional Delivery & Information Systems Head.


An acknowledgement is sent to the complainant with the details of the person to whom the complaint has been sent. The complaint is monitored at NIIT Head Office for closure by National Students Relationship Officer for necessary closure. Best efforts are put in to resolve complaints within 15-20 days of the date of complaint.


Contact details for the same are as under:


  1. For Admissions related issues:
    For queries from students not yet registered with NIIT,
    send Grievances a


  1. For Post-admissions related issues:
    For students who have registered with NIIT,
    send Grievances at

Email Specifics: Along with query/complaint details, each email must necessarily consist
of the following:

         Student Name

         ICSI Registration No

         NIIT Student ID No

         NIIT Centre Name

         City of NIIT Centre

         Student Contact Details