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Note: As per the changes in the policy of the Institute, the online exemption test on Computer knowledge proficiency is being conducted by M/s Sify for which the registration had started w.e.f 19th November 2011. The students may register themselves online for the exemption test in SIFY and find more details such as FAQ, Fee structure, Fee Payment process, How to Apply etc.. regarding the test through icsi-sify portal i.e. 

The online exemption test conducted by M/s Aptech till 31st January, 2012 will be considered valid.

Thus from 1st February, 2012 M/s Sify has been the sole testing authority to judge Computer knowledge profeciency for the ICSI and M/s Aptech has been recognized to provide computer training only. 

The students are now free to undergo computer training from any Institute including that of M/S Aptech.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Computer Training Programme being conducted by APTECH for the Students of the ICSI.
1) What is the Course Name?   
Ans: “Understanding Information Technology in Corporate Environment”.  
2) Who are conducting this course?  
Ans: "On behalf of ICSI, APTECH is authorised to conduct the course on all India basis.  
3) Where are the APTECH Centers?  
Ans: The list of recognised Aptech centers can be received directly through this link
4) What is the Eligibility to join this course?  
Ans: The course is open for all the students of the ICSI.  
5) What does the Course content include?  
Ans: The course content is given below:
Module Details 
Introduction:                                                                1 Hour 
The Internet & E-mail:                                               5 Hours 
Word processing (MS Word)                                   6 Hours 
Spreadsheet (MS Excel)                                           8 Hours 
MS PowerPoint:                                                          4 Hours 
Computerized Accounting Package                     14 Hours 
Digital signature                                                         6 Hours 
Existing Privacy Protection, IT Laws 
and Security                                                                4 Hours 
Introduction to e-commerce, MCA-21 
project of GOI, conversion of MS-WORD 
file into PDF file and vice versa                               2 Hours 
Project / Practical sessions 
project                                                                        20 Hours
 6) What is the duration of Course?  
Ans: The course shall be of 70 (Seventy) hours duration.  
 7) What is the fee for the ICSI-APTECH Computer Course?  
Ans: Fee for undergoing the ICSI-Aptech Computer course shall remain same for all students except the students belonging to SC/ST category, who shall be given concession of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) on the course fee. 

Rate chargeable from student is Rs.3,000.00 (for General Category), Rs.2,500.00 (for SC / ST Category) 

Service Tax and bank charges as per the GOI rules as applicable from time to time shall be payable by the student. Present rate of Service Tax @ 12.36%. All payments will be online or by credit / debit card or by demand draft (nationalized bank and large private banks only)
 8) Who is exempted from this training?   
Ans: The ICSI-Aptech Course is open for all the students of the ICSI but is not compulsory.  They may also do the Computer Training from any institute of their choice and convenience.   
9) What is online exemption test and How to approach for online exemption test?  
Ans: If anybody has operational knowledge of computer, he/she can directly enroll for an online exemption test at SIFY and appear the test in any of the selected SIFY test center of his/her choice. For more details please visit the portal . Aptech is not authorised for conducting online exemption test w.e.f 1st February 2012.   
10) What is the fee for online exemption test?
Ans: Sify is authorised for conducting online exemption test w.e.f 1st February 2012.  Please visit  for fee details.

11) How many attempts will be provided for online exemption test against the fee submitted by him for the same?
Ans: Sify is authorised for conducting online exemption test w.e.f 1st February 2012.  Please visit  for more details.
12) What is the Criteria for obtaining Computer Coaching Completion Certificate?
Ans: The student having operational knowledge of computer may directly enroll for an online exemption test being conducted by M/s SIFY and pass the test. For more details about the online exemption test,  they may visit the site . After passing the online exemption test they will be able to get the certificate from the SIFY (jointly signed by ICSI). The certificate is provided to the students online through the above mentioned portal of SIFY.

The Students who don't have operational knowledge of computer may undergo the computer training from any institute and thereafter follow the process of undergoing the online exemption test from SIFY as mentioned above.
13) What should a student do in case of any complaints on operational issues relating to product delivery in any center of APTECH?
Ans: For any complaint on operational issues relating to product delivery in any center of APTECH, please log on to the web site i.e with your Registration No & password and select "Register complaint" then you can register your complaint & you will get a docket No.

For queries kindly contact at 

Or call APTECH, Mumbai at 022 67727445
14) What are the minimum number of students for the batch to be initiated in APTECH ?
Ans: The minimum batch size in all centers in all cities will be 8-10. APTECH will ensure that the batch is immediately started as and when the minimum registration is done. In case the required minimum number of students is not available, APTECH shall not defer the commencement of the batch indefinitely and in any case not beyond (3) three months.
15) If the Student has to take a test from the location out of India, how to do it?
Ans: In case any of the student is residing outside India and there is no test center of SIFY there for online exemption test, he/she may submit a request at the helpdesk of SIFY and may get an appropriate reply / solution on the matter. For more details about the SIFY's online exemption test and helpdesk email id etc. he/she may visit .
16) What if password is forgotten?
Ans: If you forget the password, please click on the forgot password option provided below the log in.
17) Reasons for some errors:
Ans: a) Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage 
Most likely causes: 
  • You are not connected to the Internet.
  • The website is encountering problems.
  • There might be a typing error in the address.
b) Invalid Registration No.
Most likely causes: 
  • You have not entered correct registration number
  • The database validation is encountering problems
18) What shall be the nature of advice if  any candidate has already deposited the requisite fee for Computer Training and the classes are yet to be started by the respective nodal agency of M/s APTECH.
Ans: Since APTECH has already collected the fee,  they are  supposed to commence the Training Programme immediately and if for any reason they are not able to commence the training, they shall refund the requisite fee to the students. In case of refusal by APTECH Centre either for immediate commencement or refund, students  may take up the matter with Directorate of Information Technology of the ICSI (,  while producing documentary evidence regarding the remittance of fee and/or any communication on the matter with APTECH Centres.
19) What if the students already have undergone successfully the Computer Training Program with M/s APTECH but the ICSI-APTECH Jointly signed Certificate has not been issued and only `Provisional Certificate` has been issued in this regard.

Please note that the Aptech is not authorised for conducting online exemption test from 1st February 2012. So any students who has done computer training from Aptech on or after 1st February 2012 may not get the jointly signed certificate by Aptech and ICSI. They are required to enroll for an online exemption test at SIFY and pass the same. The jointly signed certificate will be issued by SIFY on clearing the test.

The students who had taken admission at Aptech for computer training before 1st February 2012 may get the jointly signed certificate(by ICSI and Aptech) from Aptech. In case of any issues in getting the jointly signed certificate from Aptech, they may send their complaint to along with the documentary proof of admission with Aptech, passing the test from Aptech etc.