Message from the Desk of Chairman


                  Asato mā sad gamaya, tamaso mā jyotir gamaya, mṛtyor māmṛtaṃ gamay

(Lead me from falsehood to truth, Lead me from darkness to light,Lead me from death to immortality)

                     Pavamana Mantra (Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad (1.3.28.))


Dear Professional Colleagues,
I hope that you would have celebrated Durga Puja and Diwali with full festive gandeur commemorating the victory of good over evil and had a good time with friends, family, loved ones. I pray to almighty that you be blessed with wisdom, good health and success in all your endeavours. The world is witnessing a period of rapid change and we as professionals need to apply the diversified knowledge that we possess in order to excel in our roles as Corporate Governance Professionals.
Friends, The month of October is a very taxing month on us professionals as we have to file the financial statements and annual returns and inspite of all problems that we encounter while filing, we give our level best to live up to the expectations of our stakeholders.
EIRC of ICSI undertook the Swachh Bharat Mission to commemorate the vision of clean India on Gandhi Jayanti the 02nd of October 2016. Upkeeping the mission of cleanliness as shown by Mahatma Gandhi, the members, students and  officials at EIRC started the cleanliness drive
Our profession has grown by leaps & bounds in the past decades and have upheld the principles of Corporate Governance, Ethics, fair business practices and so on and to celebrate our esteemed profession, the 48th CS day was celebrated on 04th October 2016, The top rankholders and their parents of each stage of the CS programme in June 2016 examinations were invited to Kolkata and they were felicitated by industry honchos.
It is our endeavor to continuously update and enhance the knowledge of our students and members and in line of this, we organized class room sessions on Goods & Services Tax & Appearances before NCLT for both members and students
The EIRC of ICSI would be organising the 27th Regional Members Conference, Full day Seminars, Half Day workshops in the coming months. I appeal to all of you to attend these programmes in large numbers and make them successful.

We Company Secretary is a multidisciplinary Professional. Company Secretaries are playing an important role in all segments of the industry. It is a vital link between the Company and its Board of Directors, shareholders, government and regulatory authorities and all other stakeholders. With the increased professionalization of corporate management in the context of modern corporate culture, company secretaries play a key role in guiding and shaping the distinct corporate entity. Though corporate laws is an important function of a Company Secretary, his role does not commence and end with mere compliances of laws. In a decentralized and liberalised environment, the role of Company Secretary assumes greater significance and arduous responsibility. We provide guidance on various strategic, governance and compliance issues in banking sector, financial services, capita market, manufacturing sector.

We have the vision to become a global leader in development of professional specializing in Corporate Governance. We are actively engaged in the research activities in the areas of interest to corporate sector. The role of Company Secretary continues to evolve. We have been debating and applying the governance principles. As it says “Governance never becomes obsolete. Governance never fails.”

We plan to put governance in the corporate culture so that the colossal scandals impacting the countries world-over can be controlled and intensified regulations in the form of disclosures, control mechanisms, regulatory filing, etc. can be implemented.

My message to the young Company Secretaries would be that we as Company Secretary need to be proactive enough to capitalise on the opportunities provided under the various laws and regulations and help lay a cornerstone for a mature culture of compliance. As we know that due to recent amendment in the laws, the role of Company Secretary has been transformed into new dimensions. As a result, we have terrified challenges and tasks in front of us and should spur the professional instinct of a company secretary to identify himself with the whole of business.

I would like to thank everybody for their continued support and feedback which have helped us to march ahead with quality professional development programs for members and students. On behalf of EIRC, I sincerely request you to send your suggestions and feedback from time to time on the activities of EIRC. I assure you, that we at EIRC would give importance to all your suggestions and consider them for implementation in the right perspective.

Hence, I request members and students to reach out to me in building a better Institution. My coordinates are provided below-
CS Sandip Kumar Kejriwal
M: +91 9831074124
Proud to be Company Secretary
CS Sandip Kumar Kejriwal