Message from the Desk of Chairman


“Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles.” – Samuel Smiles
Dear Professional Colleagues,
It is rightly said that Hope is a waking dream. Hope is simple four letter word but it sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves even that which seems impossible. And this hope fuels all of us to keep moving on and on.
The month of March, the closing month of the financial year was full of hustle bustle of various academic training programmes for our students and members. Different academic and training programmes for students were also organised in this month i.e. MSOP and other academic programmes. Campus placement for the students seeking Management Trainees was organised on 21st March. Apart from this, we carried forward the baton and had a fruitful discussion with HSBC Bank for placement of our members and students.
We celebrated “International Women’s Day” and “Holi Meet” at ICSI-EIRC House on 8th March with our members and students, where officials from Ministry of Corporate Affairs also graced the occasion.
We are now focused on Capacity Development of our members and two such programmes were organised in this month. Firstly a Full Day programme on “FEMA Regulations and Drafting Skills of Legal Opinions and Documents” held on 17th March at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata and Two Days training programme on GST – “Understand GST: A Practical Approach” was organised on 23rd and 24th March, 2018 at ICSI-EIRC House, Kolkata. 
A joint programme with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on “Bankruptcy Code and Corporate Governance: Impact upon India” was also organised on 24th March.
With an objective to enhance the capacity of our members and students and to gain an experience in advocacy, to hone their oral advocacy skills in the legal field and also to learn the nuances of advocacy before they appear for cases, EIRC has established Moot Court in EIRC House.
The trend of niche training or Capacity Development Programmes will continue in the forthcoming months where the knowledge session on different relevant topics such as IBC, Boards Performance Report and Indian Accounting Standards, to name a few, will be organised.
I take this opportunity to acknowledge the constant support and guidance from my colleagues in Regional Council, Central Council Members and all my Predecessors at EIRC, in all my initiatives. I also acknowledge the efforts of EIRO officials under the leadership of Shri DVNS Sarma in giving their best to implement these initiatives.
The future is as bright as your hopes are. Where there is Hope there is Faith and where there is Faith miracles happen.
Please feel free to share your views and suggestion to me. My coordinates are given below.
With warm regards,
CS Ashok Purohit

Chairman, EIRC of ICSI